February 9, 2010

An enjoyable snow day!

So my phone woke me up around 3-something-am telling me school was out! We had a very relaxing day. We did meet up with Danny, Steph, Daniel and the cousins for Den*ny's free breakfast. It was busy but we didn't get there until a little before 10 I think. Our family all ate for $2.50 + tip! Crazy. It was a huge plate of food. I ate about 1/2 of mine. Tyler's eyes got big when they set the plate in front of him. He should have just share with me like he usually does! It was pretty good. Reminded me of my bandie days when we would go to Den*ny's after football games. Fun times! I did notice that they had remodeled in the 11 years that have passed since my bandie days...time flies!

The big boys went to play with their cousins and Tyler needed a nap so I went to school and got quite a bit done. I brought home more stuff to work on for tomorrow just in case we have another snow day...and we do! I'll be ok as long as we don't have too many more - don't want to go into June.

Tonight I worked on some more school work and did my exercise video. I am really trying to Shred 5 days a week. I met my goal last week. Yea! Maybe tomorrow I'll be motivated to get some stuff done around the house. We're going to make Valentine cookies with my mom and the other cousins tomorrow morning. That will be fun!

The best part of knowing we have a snow day the night before means that I don't have to make my lunch, pick out my clothes, set the coffee maker, check Wilson's backpack, and fill my water bottle! The little things :)

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