February 17, 2010

NO MORE snow days!!

This is CRAZY people! I feel like I haven't taught in forever. I love a snow day here or there but this is too many! Once we hit June for makeup days I was OVER the snow. I've enjoyed my time off and spent quality time with my family but I'm ready to go back to work. Over this 5-day weekend we've tried to stay somewhat busy. Thankfully Tyler is down for a nap and W & L went outside to play in the snow. I'm starting to lose my sanity!! Here are some of the things we have done:
* Friday night we went out for pizza at Puccini's. One of my favorites! Then watched some Olympics.
* visited with Andy's mom who was in town for the weekend
* did some cleaning and laundry...until my dryer stopped last night. With wet clothes in it.
* date night with Andy- dinner and movie - it was so nice to be out on a date with my hubby!!
* church
* hung out at my mom's
* Gattitown with Andy's family
* grocery, errands etc
* coffee with some friends
* couple hours at school
* a foam mosaic craft with the boys - I had as much fun as they did!
* watched Couple's Retreat and the olympics
* stayed up too late, slept in a couple of days
* tried a new recipe
* lots of time on facebook & google reader
* worked on stuff for taxes b/c Andy is doing them right now
*exercised for my 30 day shred 3 times
* tried to figure out twitter - I have an account, not sure if I'll actually do it very often! @alyssamcspadden if you want to follow...you know my life is SO exciting!!!

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