February 13, 2010

Latest Kitchen Escapades

Over the last few weeks I've tried a few new recipes. I've tried to plan some easier dinners to make life a bit easier. It's helped, but cooking and trying new recipes is something I really enjoy so I have to squeeze a few in somehow. Andy would totally go for a summer camp menu (Monday night is spaghetti, Tuesday is tacos, etc etc) week after week. But I couldn't do that. I need variety!

The first one I tried was Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies. They were good - definitely chewy and the honey flavor shines through. Not your typical pb cookie which are generally crunchy. I prefer chewy cookies so I thought these were good. And not overwhelmingly peanut buttery. I don't mind a subtle peanut butter flavor in desserts but don't care for a strong pb flavor.

This week we had Crash hot potatoes, with marinated pork tenderloin, green beans and rolls. I really liked them. Basically you boil new potatoes. Then put them on a cookie sheet and mash them slightly so they are flat. Then you brush olive oil on them and add salt and pepper and bake them. They get a little crunchy. I liked the crunchiness, that's what made them good! Andy didn't care for the crunchy so much but ate them.

This morning I tried Dulche de Leche coffee from PW's website. I just made enough for me. Andy didn't want any. It was good. I didn't take the time to do the chocolate on top or anything.

For Andy's Valentine dessert he chose a Maple-Butter Blondie. It's supposed to be like the dessert from Apple*bee's. He's eaten that before and really liked it. I get the Food Network Magazine and they always have a "Copy That!" recipe from a restaurant (auntie ann's soft pretzels, panera's broccoli-cheese soup, etc). So I'm making these blondies right now. Hopefully they'll be tasty!

Recipies from Annie's Eats, Pioneer Woman Cooks, Food Network Magazine

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