April 10, 2010

Andy's current project

Andy feels best when he has multiple projects going on at one time. Just kidding! He has known the french doors going out to our deck weren't installed correctly for a while. So when I came home from work on Tuesday, this is what I found!

It was a big surprise but definitely needed to be done. They had filled a gap between the door frame and the floor with DIRT. I mean what on earth! No wonder we had ants coming in from this spot last year...Andy says the previous homeowner knew enough about remodeling projects to be dangerous! Everything that was updated was done 1/2way. So it looks decent but isn't going to last without Andy fixing the previous owner's mistakes. Very thankful for a handy husband who is motivated to fix everything as time and money allow. The doors are back in so now he just needs to put up the trim and finish the outside screen doors that are on the deck side. Thanks for all of your hard work Andrew!

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