April 2, 2010

Back from the woods!

Ready for a big hike!


Roasting marshmallows

Eating his smore (just a graham cracker) - he was unaware!!

Sharing a snack at the campsite

We went camping Wednesday afternoon - Friday afternoon. The weather was perfect! It was so nice to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. We went to our favorite campsite, Koomer Ridge campground at Red River Gorge. The boys had a blast. It was very difficult having Tyler all over the place but overall everything worked out. Camping can just be so much work! The boys loved digging with shovels, collecting fire wood, hiking, playing catch, and hanging out by the fire. On Wednesday we set up our campsite and went on a short hike nearby. We came back and made dinner - we had to keep the food easy! Tyler is still so hands on and there is so much to do when camping anyway so we kept it simple. Roasted hot dogs on the fire and then I made green beans and mac & cheese. I had to do 1 delicious camp food so I did potatoes (peeled and thinly sliced) and onion sliceds in foil packets cooked over the fire. They were delicious - even though I had to borrow butter from some neighbors! Then smores and finally had all the boys asleep by 10pm. Wilson and Luke were so excited to cook on the fire!

Tyler woke us up pretty early on Thursday. After breakfast we took a drive down Tunnel Ridge Road hoping Tyler would take a nap. He eventually did fall asleep. My mom and her friend Terry joined up with us at lunch time. Then we went hiking together. We went on a new trail for our family but my mom has done it before. We went on the Rockbridge trail - it is my favorite hike! We were gone for about 3 1/2 hours. It was the best afternoon. The boys were such good hikers and Tyler did very well in his backpack. He loved looking around. For dinner we ate at Miguel's. They have good pizza and that it is a family tradition to go there when we are at the gorge! If you haven't been to Miguel's you should go! Interesting local pizza place. We had the boys to bed by 8:30 last night after smores - they were exhausted. Andy and I enjoyed a great campfire and star gazing- the stars were unbelievable.

Today was the hardest day. Tyler woke us up around 5am. He played for a little while and then cried. It seemed like forever. I'm sure the other campers were hating us. He finally fell back asleep for two more hours. So we were tired and we had a lot of packing up to do. Tyler was making that very difficult. We finally got things done (took about 2 hours) and headed home. It was a great time! I'm thankful to know that next time we go camping Tyler will be older! Never have to camp with an 18 month old again!!!

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Debbie said...

We have camped for many years (although not much the last couple of years), so I can relate with every detail. These are memories your boys will never forget and give them a love for the out of doors:)