April 6, 2010

My Wilson

I'm so proud of Wilson. He has grown so much in this past school year. He is doing so much better with his worry and anxiety. I really think our appointments with his play therapist are really helping. In general he walks to class without any trouble. Occasionally there are hard days but the good days really outweigh the hard days. I was especially proud of him yesterday, after a week off from school he left as soon as the bell rang to go to his class. Seriously made me almost cry! I was so happy for him!

We've learned some strategies from Mrs. J that have helped. We have a breathing exercise I used to use with him in the hallway on the hard mornings. Now we have a secret hand squeeze when he needs some courage from mommy. He used this strategy when we were hiking on the Rock Bridge Arch trail. He was afraid to walk in the creek (because of the possibility of an insect or guppy) but really wanted to. He looked at me with his outstretched arm and said "courage". I squeezed his hand and he did it.

Each time we go to Mrs. J I fill her in on the positive things he has had the courage to do. Everytime it seems there is at least 1 or 2 things! He is really stretching himself and I am so proud of him. Then I mention the things that have been hard - they range from flushing the toilet to walking to class, to going to church class etc. Then they work and talk about those during his session. She is so good with him and I am so pleased with his progress.

I love you so much Wilson and I am so, so, so proud of you!

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Debbie said...

I was very proud of him yesterday after school. Thomas H. was very upset as I was leaving from the downstairs door, I noticed him crying. I stopped to see what was wrong. He told me he was afraid his mom had left the building. Ian, Wilson, John David & Thomas were there and I explained that each of them should never fear that, as they all had moms that would never leave the bldg. w/o them. Wilson never acted fearful, licked lips, no outward display of anxiety. Just struck me as I was leaving yesterday that he handled that as well as any:)