April 11, 2010

First T-ball Game

Wilson played pitcher during the entire game and helped get almost all of the outs! He stopped the balls and threw them to the first baseman who was good at catching them and stepping on the base! They made a great team. Wilson was down and ready and focused the whole time. So proud of him!

Luke was up to bat. He swung several times and finally hit the ball! He was so happy and proud of himself. The expression on his face is truly priceless. Pure joy!

Wilson up to bat. He hit well!

Finding out he got the game ball! First game ball of the season! Wow, Wilson!

He got to do the 3-2-1 REDS! Wilson used to not participate in this part. He hated it and thought it was too loud. He led it this time. He's just all grown up!


Cara said...

Yay Wilson! That picture of Luke running is the cutest thing ever!

Debbie said...

After now seeing the Mets first game, I see how important it is to have a good pitcher and first baseman! We played the Red Sox and they did very well. I look forward to seeing our team improve as the year goes:)Again, way to go Wilson....this is really great news.