July 12, 2010

22 Months!

Tyler is 22 months old today! He is doing great! He talks so much it is unbelieveable to me compared to my other boys. He has at least 50 words. My favorites right now include: bless you (after a sneeze! He is so polite!), Lottie, baseball, lemonade, and the noise he makes for Wilson. He uses inflection and sounds for that one. He repeats many words around us at home. He thinks peas and blueberries are balls. He has decided he enjoys the pool. He LOVES to play, read, sing, and be big like his brothers. He absolutely loves to play Thomas the Train and to watch "choo-choo" on the tv. He is very much into silly bands right now. He has found Wilson's around the house and he'll put them on his wrist. When Wilson tries to take them back he gets very mad. So today he got his own pack. He wore them before his nap and again after dinner. He likes to take them off and put them back on. He's cool like that. He is definitely aware of what Wilson and Luke are doing and if he thinks he is missing out he lets you know. He is cutting 3 teeth right now which was a little rough on him earlier today. He is a sweetheart and I love him so!


Josh said...

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Julie said...

Tyler is so cute! He looks like Luke! What cute little boys you have!

Curtis and Tricia said...

What a big boy! Such a Cutie Pie!!