July 19, 2010

Summertime Thoughts

So we've entered my last free week of summer. So sad. Next Tuesday Andy and I are going to school to set up as much as possible. All furniture and technology for sure - then as much beyond that as possible. My mom is keeping the boys so we can be sure to get a lot done. I'll probably go in a couple other times that last week of July. Then starts PD, first day preparations, Parent Orientation etc. So I'm making the most of this last full week of freedom! This summer has been great but it has flown by. It was definitely a short summer.

Here are some things I've enjoyed:
* California. Wow.
* TN with my family & extended family
* shopping with the girls (SIL, MIL & friends from school)
* reading
* taking the boys to the pool, library, and just hanging out at home
* staying up late and sleeping in till about 8am
* getting myself back into running- just need to do it more
* the good feeling after a big cleaning project- cleaned fridge today and cleaned the Jeep a couple weeks ago. Still need to tackle the van and playroom...

Things I'm still looking forward to:
* Cincy with Andy and the boys to visit the Lego store and have a fun day!
* Taking Wilson school shopping
* A day at the lake
* more reading
* more pool with the boys

Things I could have done without this summer:
* falling out of a hammock swing (butt is doing better but still bruised. On a weight machine at the Y today I really felt it.)
* injuring my arm while trimming bushes for 3 hours. I developed tendonitis and had horrible pain for 2 weeks. Then wore a splint for 5 days and am feeling back to normal!
* Fighting and whining. But I wouldn't trade my boys for anything!

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