July 5, 2010

A Fun Fourth! (Post # 600!!)

So this weekend we had a lot of family fun! We went downtown for the morning on Saturday. We met up with my parents and my sister's kids. They all had fun but it was hot! Sunday evening we had a cookout at Danny & Steph's with part of the Mc. Clan. Then we went to watch fireworks. It was a fun evening. I dug myself out of my cooking rut to try a new pie - Mississippi Mud Pie. It was pretty good! Oreo crust, chocolate ganache, toffee, coffee icecream etc. Yum! We had fun coming up with other ice cream pie variations. Follow the link to Annie's Eats for a picture and recipe! I did not make my own coffee icecream. I bought blue bell coffee icecream! I'm making another dessert from her blog tomorrow for a birthday celebration. Based on my luck with this food blog I'm sure it will be delicious! Annie's recipes are always good. So here is a link to the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake as well. Enjoy!

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