November 18, 2010

Ty Update

Andy took Tyler to CCH on Tuesday. He went for an ophthalmology appointment. He had to get his eyes dilated and miss a nap but daddy said the french fries for lunch made up for that! No glaucoma or any other complications at this time! We still return every 6 months to ophthalmology. His port wine stain is still very faint and unchanged since any previous updates. He went to the Hemangioma unit in August and they are now seeing him only once a year! Our next CCH appointment is for Neurology in December. These have still been every 6 months while he is still in such a critical developmental age. I'm guessing these will begin to be spaced out as well. I'm sure everything will be fine - he continues to meet all developmental milestones and is very advanced with his talking as compared to our other two boys at this age! Praise the Lord for the continued good news regarding his PWS. God is good!


Cara said...

You know, I never even remember he has this. Not that it's not important, but that it does not affect him in ANY way. It is not at all what I think about when I see him. He is precious!

Patti Money said...

Yay for good reports!