November 7, 2010

Happy 32nd!

Andy's birthday was Friday. We had fun celebrating! Last weekend while his mom was in town we had his side of the family over to celebrate. His parents ordered pizza, I made a veggie tray and Mountain Mama Mudslide for dessert. One of his all time favorites! We celebrated his mom's birthday too which is in a few days.

This Friday night just our family went out to dinner. We gave him his present and celebrated with pumpkin dessert. Last night Andy and I went to see a movie after the boys were in bed while his uncle stayed at our house to baby-sit. We went and saw Due * Date which was funny. It reminded me a lot of Hang*over. It had some really funny parts - like truly laugh out loud funny. I used to avoid LOL because it wasn't true and it bugged me. But I've gotten over it and use it now too. Some parts that I didn't enjoy but overall it was funny! Happy Birthday, Andy!

I bought Andy his first Christmas present today! Christmas will be here before we know it!

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