September 29, 2007

Consignment Sale

My maw-ma's church has a consignment sale twice a year. It is a great sale where you can find lots of good things. It starts on a Thursday night, goes all day Friday, and Saturday morning. I have been on a Thursday night before and stood in a really long line but got lots of good clothes. I think I've been on a Friday night before too. I didn't make it until this morning for this sale. But, I still found a few good things. I left the house early to make it right when the sale opened. I had received specific instructions from Wilson to try and find a fire truck- RED- with a ladder that moves. I told him I'd look. When I got to the sale I looked through the 4T clothes for Wilson. I found a long sleeved t-shirt with a dump truck, concrete mixer and front loader ($3)on it. I also got a pair of sweatpants ($1) and a pair of navy cargo zip-off pants($4). Plus a CUTE plaid button down shirt from Old Navy ($2). Then I looked at the 18 months clothes for Luke. There wasn't anything cute left! A lot of really worn out clothes and some stuff that looked like it was from the early 90's. That's the price you pay when you can't shop till Saturday! So then I went to look at size 5's for Will next year. I got two shirts, a Land's End short sleeved polo ($2) and a gap flannel button down ($2.50).

So then I made my way to the toy room which I usually avoid! The boys already have plenty of toys. I walked in and looked down and the first spot I looked at had a RED fire truck with a MOVING ladder all for $3. It is Little Tikes and is missing the people. It came with 1 person but has room for more. So when I brought it home for W&L, Wilson was SOO excited! We've had a few fights over sharing, but all in all they are both happy to have the truck! I've already bid on some more little tikes chunky people to go with the fire truck because Wilson wondered where the people were!


Stephanie said...

When I saw that firetruck at the sale, I thought of Wilson too! Glad it was still there!

kelpdip said...

Hey! I remember my mom telling me about someone at her work that had to bid on the little people too! They really should sell packs of those at the toy store. hehe.

Boo said...

What luck!! I'm so glad you found it!!