July 18, 2007

Luke is Home!

We woke up bright and early this morning to take Luke into the Surgery center. We let Luke sleep until 5:55am and left Maw and Paw here to watch Wilson and the dogs. Once we got to the surgery center I walked in and saw Brenda! What a nice surprise :) . She came to be with us and Luke until he was finished. Thank you, Brenda! The nurses, anesthesiologist, and Dr. O were all very nice and helped us to feel comfortable with the whole procedure. We were called back to pre-op by 6:55. While we were waiting Luke rode around in a wagon. Then when the nurse and anesthesiologist came to take him back Luke willing went to them and didn't cry at all! I was so relieved that he went easily because that is the part I was worried about. Made everything easier that I didn't hear him upset! Luke was finished by about 7:45. He had a lot of fluid in his right ear which they removed. His tubes are in and we go back in one month for a tube check and hearing test. He was really upset when he woke up from the laughing gas and cried for some time while Andy and I held him. Now he is home, eating breakfast and laughing at Wilson!


Stephanie said...

We are glad he is home and everything went well!

Erin said...

I am so glad he is back and home and everything went smoothly. Can't wait to see him!