December 28, 2008

After Christmas

We're keeping busy around here! On the 26th we went back to my mom's to celebrate Christmas with Cara & Co since they were feeling better. Then that evening the women on my side of the family met at Panera. My cousin, Allison was in town from LA. It was great to see her! Cara and I stopped at Old Navy for a quick shopping trip on the way home. I got Wilson a new winter coat for $13! I also got an outfit for me and one for Ty that says "Don't let me size fool you!". It's cute. Yesterday we went bowling with Andy's family. It was Wilson and Luke's first time to bowl. They enjoyed it for about 5-6 frames! I broke in the new Le Creuset last night to make dinner. Yesterday afternoon I planned the boys birthday party and cleaned in the kitchen. Then last night Andy and I went birthday shopping for the boys! I'm trying 2-3 new recipes today (gotta use all my new cooking stuff!!) so if I find anything delicious I'll post it! Tomorrow I get to go to dinner with my fabulous team (our 2nd annual!) at PF Chang's. We decided to do this last year instead of exchanging gifts. I'm really looking forward to the food and time with my friends! Then Tuesday will be mine and Andy's 8th anniversary! This time of year brings so many celebrations for our family! I'm going to enjoy them all!

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