December 15, 2008

What kids say...

guest post by Andy

This morning while Wilson, Luke and I were eating breakfast, Luke in all seriousness told Wilson "It's okay Wilson. We can buy more poo-poo."

Let me back up and share the rest of the story that led up to Luke's consoling remark. We were shopping at Walmart on Saturday and someone (can't remember who) spotted a great gift for the youth group Christmas Party gift game. Maybe you've heard of it-the Super Duper Reindeer Pooper.

It's a plastic reindeer that poops brown jelly beans. Well, Wilson was so fascinated by the toy that he didn't like the idea of giving it away as a gift. So Wilson talked his way into going to the youth party so he could try to win the toy. Wilson won the toy in the gift game and spent the rest of the night pooping the candy out of the reindeer. He was happy to show everyone just how it worked.
This morning at breakfast, Will was lamenting the reality that he had eaten all the reindeer poop and had no more reindeer poop to poop out of his toy. This is what prompted Luke's sweet but hilarious comment.
We'll just attribute all this to my Uncle Bill who years ago bought the boys the book "Everyone Poops."

(I think Alyssa had me guest post this story because she didn't like all the poop references...girls)


Jason Groth said...

Great story! We were having trouble figuring out what to get Will for Christmas. Poop is easy and we have plenty on a daily basis!

Erin said...

I love those. I got one for Dad last year and I think Carol got one for Dan. What a cute story!

Stephanie said...

Meghan told me all about the reindeer that I have a clearer picture!

BARDLY said...