December 13, 2008

Letters to Santa!

Last week we drove through downtown and noticed a huge red mailbox for putting letters to Santa inside. I thought that would be really fun for the boys. So this morning we decided to write letters to Santa and take them to the mailbox. Wilson and Luke each told me what to write in their letter. Luke said he wanted a camera and that's all. That he had been a good boy. Wilson listed all of the Lego sets that he likes so that Santa could choose which one to bring. He also said that he had been a good boy. Then they each drew pictures on them and Wilson wrote his own name except for the s. On the envelope they put some Christmas stickers in place of a stamp and we were ready to deliver! We parked and walked over to the big red mailbox. The boys were pretty excited! They each put their letter to Santa in the mail slot. Then we took them across the street to Starbuck's and got them kid hot chocolates. They thought that was a pretty great outing! Enjoy the pics!

Ty is ready for Christmas too!

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Stephanie said...

Trey's outfit looks so cute on Ty!