December 9, 2008

More stuff.

- Luke has an ear infection too. Andy took him to the doctor this afternoon.
- Wilson made us playdoh pizzas for dinner. As he was setting them on the table he said "That's just the way life is mom."
- I am a little upset to find out that my sister still has numbness from her C-section which occurred almost 4 years ago. Wow. And here I thought still have numbness after 12 weeks was weird! Live and learn.
- I haven't started my Christmas cards yet.
- We're thinking of getting cable since I passed National Boards and will be getting a raise. We haven't had it our whole married life - 8 years this month. Should we get it?! We're both so used to not having it now...once we get it there will probably be no going back!
- I'm losing my voice and have lots of gunk. Not feeling well. But I don't have any sick days! Used them all for Tyler. Hopefully I can make it through 8 more days.


Sarah said...

We've never had cable either, my dad is getting it for us for a Christmas gift this year, woo hoo!! I think we'll be in shock at first. So I say, get it! You worked hard! Hope you feel better soon. And I still have numbness, too, by the way. It's so weird...

Cara said...


Kelly said...

I agree with Cara! Food Network and HGTV are a must!