December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Tyler woke up first so I tried to keep him quiet until 7:15. Then the big boys woke up and we all came downstairs! They were adorable. Wilson ran to his new Lego garage and was pumped. Luke glanced at his box and then ran over to get Lottie's stocking for her before seeing what he got himself. He is so tender hearted! Then he realized Santa brought him a huge slot car racetrack. He was very excited! They dumped their stockings out and enjoyed seeing what was inside. Tyler got a See N Say and a little car garage. They also opened a couple presents from mommy and daddy. It was fun. Wilson bought me a gift with his own money. It was totally his own idea. He went up to Andy a couple days before Christmas and told him he wanted to buy me a present. I told Andy I really needed a new shower puff from Bath & Body W. So Wilson went and picked me out a red puff. It was so sweet! They started building Lego's and the racetrack with Andy while I got ready. We went to my grandparents for breakfast around 9:30. It was great to see my cousins! We were home in the afternoon and I took a big nap while the boys played. Then around 4 we went to my mom and dad's for opening gifts and dinner. It was a great evening. We even played Apples to Apples while the kids watched part of a movie. Christmas Day was wonderful and filled with family!

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