December 31, 2009

Other Christmas vacation fun

1. Danny, Steph & Co. came over the day after Christmas. We hung out, ate dinner together, and played games. It was fun!
2. I got to sleep in every other day. I finished The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and read Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.
3. I went shopping in Cincinnati with two of my friends all day long! It was so much fun. Bought several things with my Christmas money. We even stopped at the Cheesecake*Factory for to go cheesecake on the way home. I brought Andy a piece to thank him for my day of girl time!
4. Andy and I celebrated our 9th anniversary! We ate lunch at Red*Lobster and ran errands, shopped, and just enjoyed being out without kids.
5. Had game night with my family at Cara's house. Fun!
6. Planned b-day parties for Wilson (GI JOE) and Luke (SPIDERMAN...again!). Did the party shopping and had fun with the boys.
7. Watched movies with Andy.
8. Enjoyed being with my family and lounging around the house in jammies. This has been a perfect vacation.

Now, ringing in the New Year with my hubby. All the boys are asleep. Tomorrow we need to take down Christmas decorations. I'm trying to get caught up on laundry and do some cleaning before I head back to work on Monday. :( I'll sure miss my boys!

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