December 11, 2009

Flu Update

I hate being sick and having to miss work. My job is stressful but I enjoy it. I don't mind missing one day here and there but multiple days in a row and I start to stress out. My team and Brenda are taking good care of my sub/subplans/class etc. - I am sure! But I missed two SAT meetings, an ARC on a new student, club meeting (in which we were planning our Christmas party for our buddies), Primary Celebration where the club was being introduced, 1 day of secret santa, and tonight I have to miss the staff Christmas party. I am so bummed. I haven't been to the staff x-mas party in 3 years I think. Sick this year. Last year had a 3 month old baby and didn't want to be away, and I think it was cancelled the year before that. To make matters worse I am unable to access my school email at home right now due to a problem with my router. So I am totally disconnected. I love having days off but not when that means I am home sick. I am not good at sitting around doing nothing for days on end when I have to. I long for days off to relax but when everything is still going on without you it is hard!

Same at home. This sure makes it seem like my priorities are out of whack but even with being sick I've seen the boys a lot. I haven't been taking care of them but I've been in the same room watching them play etc. I miss holding Tyler and snuggling with my boys. That is for sure. Andy is holding down the fort. I know he is exhausted. I'm hoping no one else gets this.

I've been fever free for 48 hours but my sore throat is so awful. I've never had a sore throat this bad (but I've never had strep either). I called the dr today and they said the sore throat is a symptom of the flu. So I'm taking Tamiflu, ibuprofen, mucinex, and cloriseptic throat spray as recommended by my doctor. Pretty drugged up. I bought some icecream today - spumoni. Was pretty excited. I ate some this afternoon and it was so good. Made me wish to go eat at the Spaghetti Factory! I'm trying not to pout all night and hoping to attend Saturday's Christmas party...and hosting one here Sunday night!

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