December 9, 2009

I have the flu.

It's true. It is miserable. And it's the first year in all 9 of my teaching years that I haven't gotten a flu shot. I ALWAYS get a flu shot. The boys all have had their shot, thankfully. But somewhere in the middle of that I never got around to getting myself a flu shot. Andy NEVER gets a flu shot so really hoping he doesn't catch this from me.

Last night it hit me but I didn't know what it was. My whole body was aching. I went to bed early. Woke up at 11pm and took motrin because my right ear was aching. Still felt bad. My plans were mostly ready but my room was a mess after rushing out of school after a long meeting on Tuesday. Plus I knew it would be hard to send Wilson in without the usual routine. So I went. And felt terrible. It was painful to teach reading for 2 hours feeling bad. Then writing.

Left school (with things ready for Thursday) and went to the dr. They tested me for flu and strep (my throat is also very sore). Came in and told me I had the flu. I'm on Tamiflu. Dr. wants me out the rest of the week. Did I have time to get stuff ready for Friday? Of course not.

I'm bummed. I hope hope hope I am feeling better by Friday evening. I have 3 Christmas parties to attend this weekend. I've been looking forward to them. So here's hoping.

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Cara said...

I am sorry!!! Hope you feel better fast.