December 15, 2009


Yesterday we made the trek to CCH for a neurology appt. It was LONG. But uneventful! Yea! Tyler is developing as expected with no complications from his PWS. That is the news we want every time. We got there around 10am. Went to the dr room around 11am. Saw the doctor at 12:20pm. It took forever. FOREVER. Tyler was tired and hungry. There is only so much one can do to entertain in a tiny room for that long. Luke was with us too and he was such a trooper. I did venture out to find a snack machine and bought the boys some animal crackers eventually. The neurologist did spend about 20min with us asking questions and assessing etc. Ty also got his first round of H1N1 vaccine b/c they had it available and offered it to us. So at 1pm we were able to leave. Rushed out of there, drive thru at Wendy's, ate in the car, and made it back just in time to pick Wilson up from school! Best news: neurology doesn't want to see Ty for 1 year!

Tyler has also been cutting TWO teeth - one of the back molars and a tooth on the bottom left. Poor baby!

I am well and need to go get ready for work! I am so thankful to be healthy and able to go to work today. Plus, only 4 more days!!!

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