December 16, 2009

Major Breakthrough!

I am still in disbelief...but oh so proud of my Wilson. Wilson shocked me during his Kindergarten holiday program. You wouldn't believe how many conversations we have had about his upcoming program- not wanting to sing in front of people, wanting to skip school on the program days, etc. Anyway onto the positive - he not only sang, stood on the risers and did the hand motions- he played Rudolph in the last song!!!!!!!! I was in disbelief. Wilson came down by himself during the Rudolph song wearing a blinking nose and antlers. He skipped around the entire crowd waving while they sang the song. Then he came up to the front with the music teacher to take a bow. My heart was so proud of him for being courageous enough to allow himself to do that and have so much fun at it. His friend Matthew was supposed to be Rudolph but went home sick today. Wilson asked his teacher if he could be Rudolph. She said yes (though she was very surprised too!). I still can't believe he did it! This afternoon at home he couldn't stop talking about it. He is so proud of himself - and rightfully so. People at school that know him and his struggles with anxiety were overjoyed for him too. His assistant was crying she was so proud of him. It was amazing. I'm so glad he has this positive experience to remid himself that he can get through his tough times. My friend Shawna was there with her nice camera and got some good pictures. I'll have to post them soon. Wilson has mentioned over and over that if Matthew is sick he will gladly play Rudolph again. Poor thing has had a fever this afternoon though so I don't know if he'll get to be in the program tomorrow or not.

*On a side note Wilson is no longer ok with being called Will. Whenever I accidentally call him Will he corrects me and tells me he wants to be called Wilson. Fine by me, I prefer Wilson. It's just that I often shorten it to Will so I need to break that habit!


Cara said...

WOW!!! What a break through! I am so proud of you Wilson (aka Rudolph!). Did Will, oh sorry, Wilson have the fever or his friend?

Laura said...

I didn't have a chance to tell you, but I was so happy for Wilson. He was awesome (you can pass that along if you want)!

Debbie said...

I am very glad he got this chance and that he loved doing it! He is a great boy! Merry Christmas to the McSpaddens!