March 30, 2010

Girl's Lunch!

Me, my mom, and my sister went to lunch at the Glitz today. It was so fun! We rarely have the opportunity to be together without children! We had lots of time to talk and all enjoyed our food. We all had a spinach/marinara/phyllo turnover for the appetizer. Then for main entree Cara and I had the Turkey Crepes and mom had the Beef Stew. This came with a small salad as well. Then for dessert we each chose something different. My mom chose banana pudding, Cara got the meringue with jamocha icecream, and I chose the berry sorbet seen below. It was very good and we were stuffed. Then we walked around for a few minutes looking at the antiques. It was a great afternoon! Thanks, mom!

It was so pretty I had to take a picture!

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Debbie said...

I have been blogging and wanting to get out in the sun, but I had to check on the McSapdden's first! So glad to see your entry about lunch at the's been too long since I've been there and love it. Glad you got to go and seems like you are having a great week:)