May 13, 2010

Going to CA!

So Silas is having ear surgery for his microtia in June. They have to travel to Los Angeles, CA for the surgery. Cara and Jason have to be at the hospital at 6am and then will have an 8-10 hour surgery to wait through. So I'm going along as the nanny! I'll stay with Madelyn and Caroline, help out around the house, and do whatever Cara and Jason need me to do. We leave on a Thursday morning and I will be home on Monday evening. They have to stay for 2 weeks. It will be hard to leave my boys for the first time for a trip but I know Cara and Jason need my help. I will be out of school, Andy will be taking care of the boys, my mom and dad bought my plane ticket, so there was no reason not to go help out! It will be fun! You can read more about Silas' surgery on Cara's blog. His right ear, pictured below will undergo microtia surgery to repair the outer ear. They will return in December to repair both the outer and inner left ear. His right inner ear cannot be repaired due to a facial nerve and the possibility of damaging the nerve so just the outer ear will be repaired this June.


Allison said...

Hey! I'd love to see all you guys while you're out here if ya have the time. And let me know if there's anything i can do to help out!! Tell Cara too!

Allison said...

Hey what day's are you coming out for? Email me if ya want!