May 22, 2010

Oh happy day!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me! I finally got my iphone! I've liked iphones since they came out. But back when they were $500 I thought those are cool but I'll never pay that much! When they went down to $99 I realized I could get one but had to wait for my current cell phone contract to expire. It expired this weekend! So after waiting a year and asking for $ for my birthday to get the phone, my waiting is over! I've had the money in my dresser since January. I went to the store last night and got the phone, a car charger, and a protective case. It wouldn't have been my first choice in a case but it is a safer case so I went with that. With 3 boys I never no what will happen! Last night and today Andy and I keep playing with the phone. I bought an iTunes gift card so I have downloaded a few paid apps - but mostly free apps! I love it! I have a feeling I'm going to use this thing for EVERYTHING! At Target today there was a book I saw that I wanted to read. So I just pulled out my phone, went to the note app and recorded the title! I am not going to be as forgetful now! I've filled stuff in the calendar through august. Still learning how to work the phone. Next: upload my music! That will wait until tonight! If tips, tricks, or fave apps? Comment!!


sarah said...

I have google reader, twitbird pro for Twitter and facebook on mine and use all three all the time! I love orba for a game. So addictive!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love my iphone! You will have so much fun with it! We got ours right before we went to Disney in April and I downloaded the Disney World dining app that had all the restaurants and menus and also the WDW wait times so we knew how long the wait was at the rides we wanted to go to . . . so awesome!! Enjoy your new toy!!