May 9, 2010

It's been one year!

We've lived in our "new" house for a whole year now! Time has flown. It feels like we've been here forever. I am so happy with the location - close to work for both Andy and myself and we absolutely love being on a court. It is perfect for our family. There is no traffic and there are tons of neighborhood kids that the boys like to play with outside. We are so blessed to have our home. In the time that we have been here Andy has worked on many projects. We've also had the stove replaced and the windows replaced. He built a laundry room and redid the cast iron pipes under the concrete floor of the garage as PVC pipes. Andy built a treehouse for the boys in the backyard which is 90% done and cut down a dead pine tree. He has fixed countless problems from the previous homeowners home fix-its that were done incorrectly! We have hung some things on the walls and have curtains only in the living room but we are getting some important projects done!

Things I still want to do in the next few years: repaint the upstairs, get a new front door (the big door, not the glass door), new shutters, redo the soffit with vinyl, drywall the basement so there isn't paneling, paint the play room, landscape the front yard and stump removal for 3 stumps in the backyard. Some of those are a bigger priority than others but those are the things that quickly came to mind!

We are so happy to have found the right home!

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