May 9, 2010

Guatemala 900

In honor of my friend and teammate, Jenn, please read the following excerpt take from her sister's blog Bio Girl. The link I took the excerpt from is here.

Jenn and her husband have been working on their adoption for two and a half years. They have been trying to start a family for seven. After four IUI's, an IVF and an FET they decided that adoption was the way to bring their family together. They were quickly placed with their beautiful daughter, and hoped to have her home to hug and kiss and show her the love within six months. Unfortunately that is not what has happened. Due to government issues and dragging of feet sweet Avery is living in a foster home in Guatemala. They can and do go visit her, but the date of bringing her home is still unknown.

This is not a unique case. Jenn and her husband are part of the Guatemala 900. Nine hundred children who are caught in the middle of a political battle. The parents of these 900 are petitioning Washington to come to their aid. To assist them through relations with the Guatemalan government to release these nine hundred children to their loving American homes.

Please support Jenn and Chris by signing this petition to bring Avery home. It is a heartbreaking situation and maybe this will help. Thank you!


sarah said...

Thanks so much for poSting this!!

Also, I love your new necklace! I got one with an h on it and it is perfect!

Debbie said...

It only takes a minute to sign...a very good thing to do.