February 23, 2011

Bumblebee Scare

My sweet Luke has been terrified of bees at bedtime the past two nights this week. Monday and Tuesday night he cried in his bed because he was afraid of bumblebees. I'm not sure what has brought this on - he said he hasn't talked about bees at school/with friends/etc. It's only February so he hasn't seen any outside. He was sobbing both nights. We prayed that Jesus would take his fear away and one person (ahem) might have prayed that he would never get stung by a bee - ever...that wasn't the best thing to pray for in this situation! Anyway, the next night the prayer was WAY better. Tonight we made it through bedtime with no talk of bees and no tears. My poor little guy. Andy said he thinks Luke holds stuff in...not sure WHERE he gets that trait. Here's hoping for a bee free summer...and no stings for Luke!

On another note, I registered Lukie for Kindergarten last week! (Do I have to stop calling him Lukie when he start elementary school?) I can't wait to have him at school with me and Wilson. It will be so fun to see him in the hallways. LOVE that they come with me. Even though it makes the afternoons rough sometimes! Wilson said to Luke today that he couldn't wait until he was at our school with us. I thought that was really sweet. I can't wait either. :)

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