February 23, 2011


So. I'm not always the most coordinated person. I have accidents. If you've been reading the blog for a while you'll remember this post perhaps. Or this one. This one too. And I'll stop there so you don't think something is wrong with me! But I keep finding more...

Well last week I fell down again. In my house. I had socks on but they were slippery. Wilson was in the shower and started screaming. I jumped off the couch and try to hurry in there and fell flat on my butt. But I have a huge bruise on the inside of my right knee. I was stuck on the floor for a few minutes. Turned out the screaming was because Luke turned the light out while Wilson was in the shower. But I didn't know why he was screaming...so there I was sitting on the floor not moving. My knee has been sore and is still healing.

Then this weekend I was peeling sweet potatoes for roasting veggies. My small group was cooking for a homeless men ministry and I was responsible for roasting veggies for 20-25 people. (Carrots, sweet potatos, garlic and cauliflower). I was holding a potato and peeling the skin off the POTATO when all of the sudden my hand slipped and I peeled a chunk of skin off the base of my thumb. It hurt so bad. It's not deep but it is a chunk right off the top. It still hurts badly.

You might be thinking right now that I'm just a weanie and these injuries aren't that bad...I don't know if I should agree with you or not. I would argue that I've birthed three big baby boys - but I did that with epidurals every time...I survived the pain after a c-section/tubal but there was a lot of pain involved in that too. So. Maybe I am a weanie and I don't like pain. I guess as the only girl (other than Lottie) in a house of boys that is something I'm entitled too. Right?

I'm sure some of you have other clumsy stories about me. Cara will want to share the time the herbie kerbie attacked me at her old house. Really the stories could go on and on. Have one to share? Might as well get a laugh out of these now, right?!

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Cara said...

lol! I will have to share that story soon!