February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Andy got in on the action before he left for work. Here we are ready to pipe the outline on all of the cookies. Next, comes flooding. I just made pink and white because I didn't have any red gel food coloring. The squeeze bottles have thinned icing in them for flooding the inside of the cookie with frosting.

The cookies turned out really well! I had so much fun making them. I think the X's and O's are super cute. Should have made more of those! They were just so fragile I didn't think they'd turn out. But the icing helped cover the minor flaws! Annie's tutorial on royal icing helps a lot. I've only used royal icing one other time, about 3 years ago.

Here are a few cookies I'm taking to school for the helping hands bake sale tomorrow. I bought the cute heart plate a Tar*get.

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