February 13, 2011

Recent Recipes

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch dressing - from Annie's Eats of course. I made a couple batches of this about a month or so ago. Wilson loved it and kept asking for "salad with that yummy ranch dressing". It also helped to have homemade croutons on the salad as well. Those were delish! I found the crouton recipe here. She made the croutons for her caesar salad which also looks great. I just can't bring myself to make anything with anchovies...

Last night I made chocolate sugar cookies and regular sugar cookies. I used my valentine cookie cutters and today I plan to do royal icing on them! I'm looking forward to decorating the cookies. This is my first time to try either of these cookie recipes. The chocolate dough was very soft and I had to chill it again just to finish cutting out the cookies. I recommend you double the recipe if you want more than 1 dozen cookies. It didn't make much batter. The regular sugar cookie dough has almond extract. These smell delicious and taste great! The almond flavor is really nice. That recipe made about 3 dozen cookies. So I should have plenty to decorate this afternoon!

Last night a tried a Low-Cal Fettutine Alfredo recipe from my Food Network magazine. It was good. I'll post that recipe and pics of the cookies later.

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