February 23, 2011

Chicken Fingers & Creamy Taco Mac

This week I have tried 2 new main dish recipes from Annie's Eats. They have both been good. The Creamy Taco Mac was quick and easy- like a homemade version of hamburger helper. Just healthier! It has ground turkey and whole wheat pasta. I used Annie's taco seasoning, low fat cream cheese (3 oz) and low fat sour cream (1/2 cups). Everyone ate it though Luke wasn't a big fan. This made enough dinner for two nights for our family. THe first time I saw it on the blog I didn't bookmark the recipe. But when it was featured in the blog this weekend I thought it looked good enough to try!

The other main dish was chicken fingers. I liked that the recipe called for chicken breasts cut up. I don't always care for the chicken tenderloins. Had a bad experience once when I bought them at the grocery once and it is hard for me to ever buy them again. If I don't prepare them then I can eat them. I know... Everyone liked these- very crispy with no deep frying. Panko bread crumbs and hardly any oil. Much healthier. Of course we dipped them in honey mustard!

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