May 12, 2012

Friday the 13th...

This post is kind of opposite of my last post seeing as how they are both Fridays - one good and one bad. In April we had a mishap which happened to fall on Friday the 13th. I'm not superstitious at all but it adds interest to the story. Ha! Wilson was playing outside. He had a wagon that he was carting around Nerf guns and toys in that he and a friend had been playing with. He decided to drag the wagon up our front yard which has a bit of a hill. He lost his grip on the wagon handle so the wagon slid down the hill. Unfortunately one of our neighbors kids had left a car parked in front of our house while they were gone all weekend. So guess what the wagon hit. It left a small dent in the bottom part of the right passenger door. Great. He apologized to the neighbors and we said we would fix the dent.

But we recently got the estimate to repair the dent. It is almost $1,000. For a small dent. Our homeowner's insurance deductible is $1000 so it doesn't help us.  We just got our tax return and so guess where all of that money is much for a new computer or laptop. It's a little frustrating how it is all our responsibility. I don't understand. It makes me want to put up No Parking signs in front of our house if the cars that other people park there can be our responsibility to protect...But I also want to be a good neighbor.

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