May 7, 2012

Tyler Speak

Tyler says so many cute things. I guess 3 year olds talk so cute so that the parents can survive the year of the three's. It's definitely a hard parenting year. Ty wants so badly to be independent yet still needs help!! Anyway a couple super cute things he says: Tipe= "too tipe"- he says this about shoes, seat belts, pants. Adorable. I mean my heart melts every time! Malt= Ty loves to go to the malt to play with the yellow duckie. The poor thing rarely ever gets to go to the malt (mall) but he thinks the bright lights and play area are amazing!! We went to the mall on Saturday for lunch at CFA after biking at the park. He was thrilled! Wilson, Andy,my mom, and I all biked 5 miles. Luke biked 2 1/2 miles with his gamma helping him up the hills & then rode in the trailer for the second half. Ty rode in the bike trailer on Andy's bike. Ty would tell Andy "too fast" while Andy was biking!

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