May 4, 2012

Updates & Recipes

Not sure where to start. It's been a while! Life has been busy.
* We are still adjusting meds for the anxiety...I'm beginning to get frustrated. We upped again 2 weeks ago but this week has been HARD. 3-4 times of intense anxiety coupled with him being waaay less's a little rough. His behavior choices and home and school are being impacted negatively. I'm calling the psychiatrist today to get her thoughts on this. He is being silly more often when it isn't appropriate, more careless on his work (handwriting/spelling), and not following all directions at school. At home he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Thinks he is Mr. Independent and is making bad choices. So. We've had behavior trouble at home all along it just seems to be worse. 
*I made my first call to poison control this week due to a super glue incident. He was convinced he was going to die. He panicked. The super glue was on top of the refrigerator...he decided to glue a toy together while I was putting his brothers to bed. But it all turned out fine. Poison Control said the amount ingested was no big deal (just licked some excess off a finger) and he was in no danger. He still asked last night if he was going to be ok. Hopefully that taught him a lesson!
* We've had a lot going on. Andy and I threw a baby shower last weekend for a couple of his youth volunteers who are expecting a baby, celebrated my mom's birthday and made her homemade cupcakes, helped with a wedding shower at school, worked a Legends game for my niece's marching band, and took Ty to Disney on Ice! We went with Cara and Silas. It was fun! The boys were in awe and loved the show. We bought them a tub of popcorn and they had a GREAT time!
* Tried a few new recipes over the past few weeks.White Cheddar Chicken Pasta - this was pretty good. I didn't have any wine so I just subbed chicken broth. The leftovers were pretty yummy though. BBQ Burgers- these were yummy. They have Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and shredded monterey jack cheese mixed into the meat. (We used 90/10 not 85/15.) We all enjoyed them. I just used the hamburger recipe on this pin- not the special sauce or anything else. We just topped ours with ketchup/mustard. We will make these again! Though with the mix-ins if you are going to grill lay down some foil. Andy said they started falling apart on the grill. Slow Cooker Chicken & Rice - this was good. The boys didn't care for it but I think it is just because everything was mixed together (like a casserole). It was super easy. Chicken, corn, rice, cheese. Yum!

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