May 20, 2012

More Psychiatry Stuff

We were back to the Psychiatrist this Saturday. Things have been at their worst this past week. We had moved into OCD tendencies over dying, poison, and fears. It was BAD. It is basically necessary to reassure him multiple times a day that he isn't dying. He even woke up in the middle of the night thinking he might die from the wild berries he touched. So hard to watch. We had already started to decrease meds a couple days before our appt. Now we are weaning off so we can try a new med. He has 3 more days of generic prozac. Then a week of no medicine to get a new baseline and see his behavior without medicine. Next we will slowly introduce generic zoloft. This drug is a sedating drug where as the prozac could  be more of an activating drug. So hopefully this won't made him comatose... I can't wait until the post that says we have found the right thing! Things are getting better! But this is not that post. He is constantly obsessed with his fear of poison/dying and it's just pitiful. To quote Andy, He is living in his own personal hell. So as we come off the medicine I am really hoping the poison/death thing subsides. We are supposed to get back in touch with the play therapist we saw a while back.. Combining new medicine, summer break, and Mrs. J. we will hopefully break this horrible place he is in right now.

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