May 12, 2012

A Fun Friday Night

The boys and I had a great, low-key night. I came home to find a dozen roses as an early Mother's Day gift so I could enjoy them all weekend. So sweet and thoughtful of Andy! We had dinner on the deck  and then a neighborhood kickball game in the backyard. It was so fun to watch them playing together. There were 7 kiddos. We have new neighbors moving in with 3 kids. They have a boy Wilson's age and two daughters who are in 6th & 8th grade. So they were heading up the game (which was nice...). The most adorable thing was when one of them said "we need to make some rules. Everybody in the tree house!". So they all climbed up in the tree house and came up with their rules. Kickball turned into a freeze tag game and they played together so nicely. A GREAT start to the weekend!!

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