May 29, 2012

Hello, Summer!

What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend we had! It was busy to say the least but a lot of fun. On Friday I had dinner out with my aunts, mom, & grandparents at a local italian place. It was delicious. Plus it was great to hang out with family sans kids! I actually was able to have whole conversations without being interrupted! We went to hear the live music which was exceptional. A friend of my dad's plays at the restaurant 3 nights a week. He played clarinet, flute, sax, bari sax, a wind instrument, steel drum, keyboard, and maybe even a soprano sax. He played them all well too! Saturday was our first pool day. We all had a blast. We were able to stay for about 3 hours. It is so nice to be in the first summer where I have no kids that need a nap! Amazing! The pool was easier this time around too. Wilson and Luke were fairly independent and Tyler stayed close by me the whole time. Cara & Jason were there with the kids so the cousins all swam together. On Sunday we had a picnic at church in the evening. We were having such a good time with our friends that we didn't drag the kids out of the sand/water/playground until about 9:15pm. It was fun! Monday my family came over around 5 for a get together. Andy worked a lot in the backyard and I worked a lot on the house. We had BBQ in the crockpot, I made chocolate cake, and everyone else brought sides. We mostly stayed in the house because it was so hot. I got to see Anna-Grace a lot this weekend and that was great! She is the cutest thing ever. She smiles so much and is such a happy baby. Today I finished up at school! Summer is officially here at our house!

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Debbie said...

Great blog on a fun beginning to summer. Sounds so nice to have time with the family where you hang out and everyone loves being together. I hope you have many of them!