May 12, 2012

Pinterest Project #2

One of my teammates turned 50 in April. I had seen a cute idea on Pinterest using a small kleenex box & $1 bills. Since she was turning 50 I needed 50 $1 bills! So I collected money from everybody at school. I taped all of the dollar bills together side by side and rolled them up. Fifty $1 bills makes for a big roll! Then you put the money roll in the tissue box with one sticking out the top like a tissue. The sign on the box I found on Pinterest said Don't "blow" it all in one place! (Blow = kleenex for blowing your nose). Cute! But I wanted to wrap the tissue box to make it cuter. She loved it and I was so glad everyone was willing to chip in to celebrate the big 5-0!! Making projects from Pinterest that aren't recipes is part of my 20 x 2012 so I updated the link!

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