August 19, 2007

The Best Chocolate Icecream...EVER!

Okay, I'm not a huge icecream fan. I like icecream, especially in the summer but I'm not one who always has it in the freezer or anything. Andy likes icecream way more than me. So a couple times this summer we have gone to Maggie Moo's for icecream. The first time we went I wasn't sure what to get but was intrigued by their Dark Chocolate icecream (it had even won an award). I sampled it and thought wow, this is good. I NEVER order plain chocolate icecream -anywhere. Don't know if I ever have before. That is how good it was. So I got a scoop of that. It was delicious! That was a few weeks ago. So yesterday I had a craving for that same Dark Chocolate icecream. We went back, I got the icecream (as did Andy). Again, the dark chocolate icecream was to die for! I mixed Thin Mints into it this time which was pretty good and Andy mixed Reese Peanut Butter cups into his. Next time I will probably get it plain though. It is that good. Wilson got Twizzler icecream which was bright red (Luke shares with me and he agrees that the chocolate is SOOO good!)! It is a good thing you can't buy the dark chocolate icecream at the grocery store! I still can't believe I'm ordering chocolate icecream, but man, is it good!! Have any of you ever tried it? Let me know what you think of it if you try it!!

The week has flown by! Happy Birthday to Uncle Jimmy and to Poppy!

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