August 28, 2007

Yeah, well...

OK. So I'm not a good morning exerciser. I tried for the first two weeks and ran 6 days. I haven't quit but man, it is so hard to get up and run that early. I haven't made it running yet this week. We're really trying to move Wilson away from taking a nap. Things have been going well. Friday was the first day. He was ASLEEP by 8:30! We were so happy. Normally he would lie awake forever talking, whining etc. Sunday night he was asleep by 8pm. Same on Monday night. BUT he woke up from 2-5am. YEP. It. was. awful. Andy and I were both awakened many times. My eyes have been so tired and burning all day (plus itchy and sore from allergies). He's asleep now and I'm praying he sleeps through the night. So needless to say running this morning wasn't an option. I've had my running stuff laid out just waiting for me to get up early enough to run. With Wilson getting to bed on time I've been able to be in bed by 10pm which is great.

Luke is also trying to make the transition from 2 naps a day to 1 nap a day. He is doing pretty well. Still learning lots of new words and getting to be such a big boy!

School continues to kick my butt. I'm always so tired and feel like I could work about 18 hours a day right now to do my job the way I wish I could! I have a great class and I'm getting to know them and love them! I'm so tired and busy with school I haven't been able to pick up our vegetables. Remember, Farm Fresh Thursdays? Thankfully, my wonderful sister has been picking up the basket each week. We will continue to get a basket until October. They have been a little smaller lately, mostly green beans, tomatoes, squash, an eggplant, red peppers, garlic, spaghetti squash, zuchinni, onions etc. Cara has also been helping out with the boys and I thank her dearly for giving Andy and I some time together. Thanks, Cara- you're the best! (Oh, and by the way, Jason has been trying to keep me accountable for running, and I'm grateful! I think to myself, I know Jason will ask and I don't want to let him down! Maybe tomorrow, Jason!).

Laundry to fold and Big Brother to watch. Later!

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