August 12, 2007

Last Hurrah...

Well, the boys and I've have tried to enjoy our last two days together! Yesterday Andy went to work so Wilson, Luke and I just hung out and played and ran a few errands. Last night my family all got together to celebrate my pa-paw and my dad's birthdays. It was fun. We grilled out hamburgers and had a good ole time. Today we went to church and then when the boys were down for their naps I went in to school. I know I said I wasn't going to go in this weekend but there was just still too much left to be done. Now, I feel ready. I was only there about an hour and a half. I brought quite a bit home that I can work on tonight. But my classroom is ready. I 've included some pictures since most of you don't get to see my classroom! This first one is taken from the doorway. Did I mention I have 25 kids this year?!
And this is taken from the front, looking to the back of the room.

Near the back, looking up to the front!

And here is my desk area and small group teaching area.

That's it. Summer is over, time for another new school year. Wilson starts Parent's Day Out tomorrow. I think he is excited but a little worried. He doesn't want me gone all day. My goal is to start running tomorrow. I have a big 3-0 countdown written on my fridge so if I can run for 30 mornings (Sunday will be a day off) then maybe it will be a habit. I'm more of an afternoon exerciser but with our family, work and schedule it just isn't easy. Logistically, the best time for me to run is when I wake up. It. is. going. to. be. painful. But, I am really hoping I can get my butt out of bed and stay motivated! I'm writing this on here to help keep me accountable. If you notice me hobbling about from soreness, at least you'll know why!

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Stephanie said...

I love your room! It looks very ready for tomorrow! I know you will have a great day!