August 5, 2007

My Little Baker!

Wilson likes to help cook. It is a great way to spend time with him even though things get a bit messy and take a bit longer. Remember the post on making cookies? Anyway, today we baked some banana bread. He is a great helper and loves to sample the ingredients. Even flour... I told him it wouldn't taste good (like the other many times he has tried it!) but he still has to try it. So here are some pics of him making banana bread.

Say Cheese! He loves to turn the mixer on FULL blast! I have to quickly turn it down so batter doesn't spray everywhere.

Both of the boys really enjoyed the banana bread. Luke is stuffing it in! Must taste especially good with all of his new teeth! Poor thing went from 4 teeth to 9 teeth in a matter of a couple weeks. He has cut 2 top molars and now has 4 on the bottom and 5 on the top. He has had a rough time lately.

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