March 10, 2008

Busy Day

Throw up breakfast - Check
What a way to start the day! Thankfully I'm NOT doing it everyday :)

Field trip to Gattitown - Check
Lots o' fun!

Dentist appointments for Wilson and Luke - Check
They did awesome!! I'm so glad that teeth brushing every morning (Andy's job) and night (my job) is the hassle and not the time in the dentist's office. The boys were angels. I'll take the fussing and crying every night at home while brushing teeth if it means they'll act as well as they did at the dentist today, every time. Wilson was such a brave, big boy. He laid back in the chair and I sat on the bottom of his chair with him. They let him wear cool sunglasses during the teeth cleaning. He survived the flouride sponge and picked a small toy motorcycle out of the treasure box. He had lots of compliments for his behavior! Luke had his first checkup- 2 pics with the dentist, they looked in his mouth, that's about it! He laid down with daddy holding his hands and was a little afraid at first - but no crying or screaming- and was very brave. He picked a big green foam die out of the treasure box. Then they both sat on the bench and pretended to play video games (they weren't really playing) while I checked out and made the next appts. Very successful!!

First t-ball meeting - Check
Little crazy in that they said they'll be asking for our money all the time. FOR WHAT? That worries me! We don't have extra cash! We already paid our $80 to play! We'll have a fundraiser, I'll work the concession stand for 1 hour, lots of practices and weekly games. Wilson picked #5 for his uniform. He is on the Reds. Red t-shirt and gray baseball pants. Coach seems nice. Hopefully Wilson will get to play- it sounded iffy since he is 4. They talked about how the league is competitive and they play the good kids etc. (These kids are 4, 5, and 6!) So maybe not exactly what I had in mind. We'll hope for the best.

Boys in bed! - Check


Sarah said...

Did you go to Gattitown for the pizza fractions trip? We did that in February--went last year, too! Too bad we hadn't even started our fractions unit yet-the kids were clueless! Oh well, they loved the pizza!

Alyssa said...

We did a needs/wants field trip to match our economics content. It was our 3rd year to go. It's a fun field trip!