March 27, 2008

THE box.

Okay, it is official. I am done with my National Board portfolio. I revised my final entry tonight. I just need to copy it tomorrow before mailing it to NBPTS. It is all checked...and double checked...and triple checked. As I put the last envelope in and closed the box I got panicky again. Why?? I'm done? I don't know !!I couldn't breathe*. I kept thinking "I need to check this again. But I know it is all in there. I need to check it again. But I know I am done. But I need to check it, this is the last time I can." Andy worked me down, out of my state. I'll just blame this on the pregnancy. Yep, that sounds good. Crazy talk. Crazy National Board. Crazy DONE!!!!!!!! Wooooo-hooooooo!!!!!! I think it is starting to sink in. Just the test to complete on May 3rd.

*It has been a VERY busy day. I am super worn out and tired.

Organized Jenn's school baby shower which was after school today - a huge success thanks to all the wonderful people that helped! Andy's parents are in town and I stayed up late visiting last night because we don't get to see them enough! Big Organism Extravaganza at school tomorrow. Oh, and KTIP mentoring is done as well!!! One more day until spring break :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so glad you are finally done with it!! Knew you could do it! Now you can concentrate on having fun with your boys and trying to enjoy the pregnancy (if that is possible!)!!

Ma-maw said...

Congratulations, Alyssa! I can't
even imagine how much work you put
in this and teach school and be a
Mom and be a wife and be YOU - My,
my, I'm proud of you and love you too. Mamaw

Cara said...

WOOOO-HOOOO! I am very happy & proud of you!

Sarah said...

YAY! So glad you're finished!

Patti Money said...

Congrats! I remember how relieved I was when I turned in my probationary papers last year. What a sense of accomplishment. And think, you did this with a husband, two boys, and a baby on the way. You rock! We'll be praying for you in May when you take the exam!