March 9, 2008


We told the boys about the baby last night and both are very excited! Wilson had LOTS of questions and went back and forth between hoping for a sister or another brother. He said the baby can sleep in his room. He really wanted to know how the baby would come out! He asked Daddy if it would hatch from an egg! This morning he asked me if my belly had grown more overnight. Thankfully, I could say no! I showed them pictures of what the baby looks like now and how small it is etc. Then we looked at ultra sound pictures from each of them. They were very interested and this morning Luke wanted to look at more baby stuff.

Today is my SIL's birthday, Happy Birthday Stephanie! We went to a surprise party for her last night which was lots of fun.

Yesterday, Andy and the boys went sledding with Uncle Mac, Aunt Stephanie, and their cousins. We'll get some pics posted soon. They had a great time! I stayed home and worked diligently on my National Board entry (#3) which is completely drafted! I emailed it to my mentor and to Jenn so they can help me revise. One more to go!

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