March 1, 2008

Maybe Spring IS around the corner!

It is such a beautiful day! The sun is shining and it isn't too cold! We took the boys to get a haircut today. Luke is napping and Wilson is watching Lightning McQueen. I'm about to work on my NB entry. I did get a 2nd entry completely revised and in the envelope ready to mail by Tuesday of this week. I've started my 3rd entry and am about 4 pages into it. I'm hoping to write 4 more this weekend. This entry is a bit harder for me than the other two.
My student teacher's solo week will finish on Monday (due to the snow day) so I have one more flexible day at school. I didn't get as much NB stuff done this week as I thought I could. There was a lot of other stuff to do. I'm mentoring several people this year and it just takes time. So I had quite a bit of catching up to do there. It all keeps me busy but is also helping me to earn some extra money for the family. We have a couple big projects we need to do on the house plus we need to replace our heating unit by next winter.
Come March 31st my grade level will have some celebrating to do because KTIP will be over for Gayla and Abby and I will have mailed in my NB portfolio. Last night I went out to dinner with several friends from school to celebrate Maria's birthday, yes, her b-day is on February 29th! We had a great time. I came home and got Andy and we joined the group for bowling after we got the boys tucked into bed. It worked out nicely! I actually beat Andy on our first game. But he won the other two!
Tonight Andy is teaching a seminar along with our Children's Pastor at church about Parenting for Faith. I've read his outline and it all looks great. I'm so proud of him. I don't think I'm going to go because I want to stay home and hang out with the boys since I was gone last night. Good luck, baby!
**Keep your fingers crossed for NO MORE SNOW DAYS!!!**

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Andy said...

Let's clarify that someone accidentally bowled a strike on the first frame of Alyssa's first game. Just a technicality! But, Alyssa, you did bowl really well!