March 2, 2008

He says the funniest things!

Wilson is cracking me up right now. He is going through two small desk drawers in the desk that is in his room. He just found this keychain and told me he thought it would be perfect with Jennifer's baby gift! I told him it says "Alyssa" on it so I didn't think it was a good idea. He then said, "well can I put it in your dressing room then?" :)

A couple days ago he asked me when we could go to another "fair craft".

He's heard me say shoo before. I guess outside in the summer time or something, like shoo fly. Anyway, he's never forgotten it so from time to time he'll say "shoot Lottie" or something when he really means shoo, Lottie. He cracks me up.

He's staying busy right now so he can be awake when Daddy gets home from work!

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Boo said...

I just laughed so loud I scared the dogs!! Too funny!